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Project Description

As 99% of all projects are not backed by any business, blockchain technology has the potential to be used to integrate real businesses that generate a stable revenue, with WEB3, and not be solely dependent on the market conditions. Smart contracts are a pave way to invest in businesses without any hassle and without the need to be a big shareholder to see profits! Our concept combines vending machines, WEB3, advertising and partnerships with the largest IRL companies like Coca Cola, Red Bull, Rockstar etc…

Analyzing the market helped us see that with a well thought-out choice of location, and the right choice of items, VendX can position and establish itself very well on the German and European vending machine market through large-scale coverage and innovative approaches! VendX has further plans to expand across German & neighboring countries, we have all the necessary tools, knowledge and connections to do so, we see VendX as a revolutionary way te invest in something solid, stable and scalable! To our calculations based on our experience of running vending machines, we estimate the ROI to be approx 6-10 months!! With this fact the concept allows us to grow VendX over 100% in just 2 years, holders of the VendX NFT would benefit a 40% share of all profits!

The VX-Chambers are scattered across the blockchain, quietly absorbing energy, patiently evolving… Will you be lucky enough to come across one?

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

VX Chambers (Pre-mint) NFT Roadmap

Building Community and creating hype
– Creating discord/Twitter
– Art creation
– collabs with well known projects
– Twitter spaces
– Discord AMA’s
– Engage to earn
– Raid to earn / pay to raid
– Whitepaper

VX-Chambers Mint (pre-mint)
– Doxxing
– Mint at 1000 VX- Chamber
– Kickstart real live project (Vending machines)
– Branding / Official registered company
– Start profit share
– building DAO
– Close Contracts with supplier and location
– Close Contracts with WEB3 brands

Vending Cyborgs Mint (Main collection)
– Mint 9999 Vending Cyborgs
– Order and Set up vending machines
– Process automation (supply chain, employes)
– Revenue Generation
– 40% profit share (over 100k $/month)
– Upscale the process
– Affiliate partnerships
– Partnerships with biggest brands worldwide (coca cola, red bull, rockstar, milka, nestle etc.)

Additional Info


OG price 3.5 SOL

Whitelist 4 SOL

public 4.5 SOL

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!