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Project Description

Warrior Lion is a private collection of 2222 Warrior Lion NFT in Solana. There are 24 attributes and 134 features in our project. Owning a Warrior Lion allowing you to participate in our DAO, gaining rights on future airdrops for free, which will include NFTs and Tokens.

Mutants who emerged in the dark age of the 3rd world war will realize that it is people’s endless desires that destroy the world, and they will not want to take the people who left the world back among them. The 2222 Warrior Lion NFT collection, which will consist of warriorLion, the prominent leader of mutants divided into 3 clans, will be publicly minted on our website on March 20, 2022. You can enjoy countless privileges by owning a piece from this unique art collection. For more details, you can join our discord channel.|

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Warrior Lion NFT Roadmap

First Quarter
Unconventional Unusual Art
No longer a copy paste version of an existing art… our unique art and story will define you as a unique nft owner. We are working on rarity criteria. mint date 20.03.2022.

Second Quarter
Lion Warrior Community
We are constantly working to grow and strengthen the WarriorLion community on discord and twitter. so when the warriorlion story reaches everyone, everyone will want to see it in their wallet. We will whitelist 100 people for the early adopters and fan base community. 1 day before the printing date, warriorlions will be airdropped to 100 people.

Third Quarter
WarriorLion Useful Art
The WarriorLion community is committed to improving every day. We will develop a fair and effective management system for all our warriorlion owners by implementing a bidding and voting mechanism on our discord server. we also plan to list our project on all major solana nft marketplaces. We will establish quality and lasting partnerships. Currently, we have many partners in the works that will benefit warriorlion owners and bring more awareness and demand to our project..

Fourth Quarter
Free Nft Airdrop
Rumor has it that the clan leader of Skrulls lands will come to help warriorlion, one of the 3 clan leaders. and according to some oracles, he says that with his coming, the war will escalate even more. warriorlion collection was born as 3d art. Unlike the clan leader warriorlion that will come in the 2nd collection, it will spawn as a 3d model. airdrop will already work behind the scenes. Warriorlion owners will have 1 free of charge from the 4444 2nd nft collection that will symbolize their loyalty. 2222 nft airdrops will fall into the wallets of the first owners. the remaining 2222 nft will be on sale from 2SOL.

Roadmap 2.0
Coming Soon…

Additional Info