Werewulfz - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Werewulfz is a limited ETH collection which will be apart of the Wulfz NFT ecosystem. The collection is completely animated, and features 4 different types of Werewulfz. Werewulfz have utility which plays into the Wulfz ecosystem and will build on the fun and gamified aspect of our community!

Ever since the Werewulfz attacked the Pupz daycare, they have been out of sight. Our Wulfz scouts have been on the lookout, and recently found some unfortunate news. The Werewulfz have attacked our $AWOO market, and who knows what they might plan to do next. As a pack, it is our duty to stop them. Need to recruit other comrades from different communities to help us against these bloodthirsty beasts. Legend has it that the Werewulfz have 4 separate forms, Demonic Werewulfz, Mythical Werewulfz, Robo-Werewulfz, and Spirit Werewulfz.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Werewulfz NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

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Opensea- https://opensea.io/collection/wulfz-official