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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Wildcat Alliance is a Multichain Validator Network that uses a single coin payout in conjunction with our Dapp. The NFT Collections on each Blockchain give you access to all the nodes’ combined annual reward rates. To view the status of the network all you have to do is use the DAO Hub. The foundation of all blockchains is their ability to process transactions. Being a Validator is akin to being a NFT Miner in the Proof of Stake world. Our nodes pay you MEV rewards as they achieve consensus for everyone.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Wildcat Alliance NFT Roadmap

Phase 01
ETH NFT Development
Strategic Partnerships
White List Pre-Sale
ETH Mint & Seed Raise
Forming of the Alliance DAO Treasury

Phase 02
ETH Validator Deployment
ETH Staking Deposit
Strategic Partnerships
Multichain Dapp Development

Phose 03
Cardano NFT Development
Strategic Partnerships
Cardano Mint & Seed Raise

Phase 04
ADA Validator Deployment
ADA Staking Deposit
Solana NFT Development
Strategic Partnerships
White List Pre-Sale
Solana Mint & Seed Raise

Phose 05
SOL Validator Deployment
SOL Staking Deposit
Near NFT Development
Strategic Partnerships
Near Mint & Seed Raise

Phase 06
Near Validator Deployment
Near Staking Deposit
AVAX NFT Development
Strategic Partnerships
AVAX Mint & Seed Raise

Phose 07
AVAX Validator Deployment
AVAX Staking Deposit

Phase 08
Miami Party
Mainstream Partnerships

Additional Info


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