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Project Description

WOLFBOSS is a limited NFT collection which focuses in on building their community strong, optimistic and fearless.
The artwork has been designed to showcase various strong traits to enhance collectors digital identity.
The project itself has a powerful roadmap and connects with all NFT enthusiasts as it turns into the direction of building long lasting partnerships and investing back into the community.

WOLFBOSS creates opportunity for members by allocating funds into start ups/investment opportunities and splits profits with token holders for a new passive income source. Not only is every NFT unique but they have optimized the WOLFBOSS character for gaming as a 3D playable avatar.

This truly enhances the capabilities of where NFTs can go in the future as it provides deeper value than just your standard token.

The team are partnering with block chain games with NFT integration to enable the WOLFBOSS avatar to be a playable asset on various titles. Not only that but the team pledge to invest in Sandbox land to further immerse WOLFBOSS in the metaverse.
With their announcement of their amazing animated trailer, they went viral on social media increasing tens of thousands of followers in just a few days.

This NFT project is looking incredibly promising as it breaks through a lot of the noise now see on social media.
Large respected cryptocurrency and NFT industry related YouTube channels have picked up on the trending project and revealed WOLFBOSS as showing great potential within the NFT world.

The WOLFBOSS project is to announce their official public sale and each token can be minted on their official website only. Collectors will have their NFT appear on OpenSea once minted.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities


Phase One: WolfBoss Begins
Community building and engagement on social media through promotions, giveaways and contests. Will initiate partner introductions.

Phase Two: Establishment
Focus strongly on art quality and building a healthy community for sustainable growth. Recruit new members to the pack for Whitelist opportunities to drive and show domination with WolfBoss.

Phase Three: Exploration
Set and prepare for the official mint launch of the WolfBoss NFT collection with promotions, press & partnerships.

Phase Four: Expansion
Lead the pack into sellout with community events, special giveaways & promotion saturation in the NFT digital space.

Phase Five: Establishment
Becoming a WolfBoss has its advantages, with our plan to Invest into a community members startup idea, securing a fixed term dividend which will be divided amongst the pack. Maintain and grow the community further and secure our digital footprint in the metaverse by purchasing land in the Sandbox for our virtual hangout space.

Phase Six: Final Mission
Introduce more members to the pack, evolve our community to be even stronger and offer variations of species/mutations to further grow our NFT eco-system. Use our 3D ready assets for games, VR & movies to build the WolfBoss brand and create global awareness with partnerships/PR. Invest into additional community startups and forever expand Web3 & crypto development.

Additional Info

WOLFBOSS is a limited NFT collection which focuses in on building their community strong, optimistic and fearless.