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Project Description

YING , ecotype enterprises IP of Hoot Labs and the avatar of Inkeverse.
INKEVERSE , a cosmic space parallel to the real world, a social metaverse with infinite vitality and a matrix-like small planet with countless “new social dimensions”.

Started from HootLabs, we explored and witnessed Inkeverse’s transformative journey. Embarking on an adventure together today. An adventure with twists and turns, through murky waters and unimaginable growth, with occasional bumps but most importantly, with HootLabs by our side. There is an interesting phenomenon when enough people gather together with asingular mindset and a shared objective- change.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

YING Whitelist submission NFT Roadmap

The Metaverse

1. Inkeverse will provide users with a more real-time, more synchronized, and more immersive experience, from 2D to 3D, from mobile phones to AR/VR. Let us imagine crazy, and use AR/VR to virtualize in Inkeverse social contact!
2. The content ecology of Inkeverse is jointly built by the platform and users. In addition to PGC, UGC and even AIGC, will provide users with convenient creation tools to create a rich Inkeverse content ecosystem together!
3. Inkeverse is composed of multiple social metaverse platforms, and YING NFT collection will appear on Inkeverse’s various social metaverse platforms with Inkeverse corporate image IP and digital spokesperson!

Ecological co-construction

1. The establishment and expansion of metaverse requires excellent talents and teams, and will continue to look for the best talents who share our vision in the metaverse field;
2. Inkeverse will discuss and plan together with the HootLabs community to introduce YING into web3.0 in a more appropriate and effective way and expand its influence;

Brand building

1.Continue to build and enhance the influence of YING on social media, plan content, clothing, scenes, and improve content reserves;
2.Focus on cross-industry cooperation, increase YING’s exposure and influence through brand linkage, platform linkage, artist linkage, etc.
3.Establish cooperative relations with the operation of various platforms in related fields, obtain traffic support and participate in platform activities, and expand business space;
4.Co-brand with well-known artists and fashion designers to create a virtual fashion brand with YING as the image;
5.Create influential live events to give back to fans and users;
6.Planning follow-up business cooperation and advertising, endorsement and peripheral production;

Offline activities

1.Bring YING and HootLabs community users into Inkeverse’s offline social space, including but not limited to Super Likes offline experience store, Hitup Bar offline experience store;
2.Establish cooperative relationships with a number of offline commercial spaces, and regularly hold offline event meetings for YING fans;
3.Actively participate in web3.0 industry summits and related NFT exhibitions, and continue to increase the exposure and influence of HootLabs and YING.

Hidden Easter Eggs

There are many clues hidden in YING’s NFT production, waiting for you to open it!

Additional Info

The MINT Date has been set. Aug 5th, 20:00 UTC+8

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