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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

📢 bur bur bur buuuuuuuuuur!
Big Brain Idea🧠: Sneaker NFT’s matched with physical sneakers. (IKR?)
YxungSneaks : Origin. A hand-curated (all the good ones go to the team) generative collection featuring 6666 full-body 3D avatars and over 300 unique traits guaranteed to melt your face. Art white-knuckled by our very own Sean “REKT” Rademacher (We will never do this to you again Sean 🙏).
Your avatar wears sneakers and entitles the holder to claim 1 of over 40 unique IRL sneaker designs crafted by design director and 16-year industry veteran Jesse Rademacher (Adidas, és, Etnies, Harden, yeezy, Lillard, Pharrell…)
Collabs? yuh… Sabet, Wicked Craniums, Regular Ruben, and several others we’re not announcing yet because we don’t feel like it.
NYU Law. Ever heard of it? If you degenerates are still reading this, good. You’re probably the only ones with eth left at this point, and you’re probably smart enough to appreciate S-tier academic and legal IP
📢INFLUENCOOOR MIKE KASDAN . If you’ve ever licensed an NFT, Mike owns it now (read the fine-print plebs💅)
It’s your avatar. Commercial use granted. Private use granted. (knocked buys weird stuff on OS from his “Art Friends”). You can even buy one with your projects mint funds and burn it for clout IDGAF.
Already own IP enabled NFT’s? You know damn well you aren’t opening a restaurant, so hat’s why your avatar allows you to contribute to our very own IP pool!
No longer will you compete against entire collections for a 1/100,000 (bad) shot of putting your avatar to work.
Look. I can right click Lizard-Man memes all day but typing sucks. Knocked spoke 3-hours straight on what we’re up too and the poor bastard is functionally illiterate and lives in an RV. Ask someone with a purple name in discord.
Welcome to the attitude Era. Get in or get REKT 🤜

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

YxungSneaks NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Premint: DEC 1st Public: DEC 2nd ///


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