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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

8,888 Genesis Zombies oozing with Utility. . Claim your Pet in July and enter our Alpha discord where you’ll be able to unlock your coffin to stake and earn $ZOM ⚰️.

take advantage of WL opportunities and much more…. https://www.zomnft.com/

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Zom NFT NFT Roadmap

P1 Roadmap

* Zom Pet Free Mint, If you minted a Zom before the 15th of May and hold that token ID until the pet mint, you will receive a free Pet. If you receive a Free Mint Pass during a promotion you will also be able to mint a pet for free.
* Zom Pet Paid Mint, Zom Pet Mint for holders (0.02 eth)
* You will be able to mint 1 Pet per Zom you own in your minting wallet. The contract is ERC721A so gas fees will be minimal.
* Zom Pets comes with several utilities:
* Owning a Zom Pet acts as a multiplier, tripling the amount of $ZOM you earn while staking.
* Holders that own a Zom NFT & Pet gain access to the tier 2 alpha discord channel as well as access to certain white listings on whop.
* Zom Spacecraft free mint begins, you must own a Zom & Zom Pet to accumulate parts (Once you create your spacecraft, you will be given access to our NFT Worlds & more)

P2 Roadmap

* Staking pool will be available to all holders, stake your Zom NFT & earn $ZOM
* Zom WL marketplace, tokens earned from the staking pool can be spent on the Zom marketplace to buy WL for upcoming projects.
* Portals appear, allowing holders to claim WL opportunities based on their Zom holdings and rarity.
* Mutant serum is released to the public, holders will be able to buy different formulas to create different mutation variants.
* Zoms prepare to evolve, summoning all Zoms to the 3D rendering center.
* Zom Spacecraft part free mint continues.
(Holders will be able to mint one part at a time)

P3 Roadmap

* Zoms acquire land in NFT Worlds, Sandbox, and potentially other Metaverses.
* Zom NFT Worlds development begins.
* Free Voxel airdrop to holders for use in NFT Worlds and other Metaverses.
* Zom IRL events and giveaways.
* Zom Space Station opens, Zom Holders that have been airdropped all of the parts will be able to claim their Spacecraft, granting them access to Zom NFT Worlds.

P4 Roadmap

* Construction of ZOM Luxury Abodes begins.
* Zom Accessory Drops, customize your Zom NFT to your liking for metaverse gameplay.
* Zom Game Development (PVP & P2E)
* Zom IRL Events for holders.
* Partnerships with brands to expand brand recognition.
* Community Contests & Giveaways.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

Opensea- https://opensea.io/collection/zom-nft