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Jan 23, 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFTS) have exploded in popularity in the cryptocurrency industry. Many people including artists, collectors, and investors have joined the booming industry. All these crazes about digital assets have left many wondering how to get them. Most headlines about NFTs that hit the mainstream media are about the NFT deals that involve millions. However, the good news is, you can get an NFT free. Here is the guide how to find NFT drops.

Free NFT Drops

This is how to find free NFT drops. While NFTs are usually sold, some projects will offer NFT airdrops for promotional purposes – to attract users to the project. Platforms such as Rarible give away free NFTs to users weekly. Other projects such as PancakeSwap and Binance Smart Chain also offer NFT airdrop to their users. Gambling and gaming platforms may also offer NFTs to attract users. Some artists, especially the upcoming ones, will also give away some of their NFTs to promote their brands.

You may find free NFTs that turn out a success and record an immense growth in value. For example, the Ethereum-based CryptoPunks were minted free (minters only paid the minting fee to get a punk. Currently the cheapest CryptoPunk listed goes for $100,000.

Where to find free NFT drops

Finding free popular NFT drops can be easy if you know where to look. Here are some places where you can find free NFTs:

  • Twitter and other Social Sites

Twitter is the leading PR platform where to find NFT drops. Nearly every NFT project has a Twitter account. They will communicate all the developments that the public need to know through these social media channel. If you are not on Twitter, just know you are missing a lot of important news from the NFT communities.

Some projects, especially the upcoming ones, use NFT giveaways to attract users and set foot in the competitive NFT market. On Twitter, they will ask you to retweet, like, comment, or share their tweets to get the free NFTs. You can enter keywords such as “FreeNFTs” or “NFT airdrops” to find the projects giving free NFTs to followers.

Discord is another social site where you can find good free NFTs. There is also a big NFT community on Discord. Some NFT projects will ask you to follow them on Discord to get your free drops.

You can also follow the communities on Telegram free NFTs. You will find channels that give a regular guide on NFT drops. Follow such channels and activate the notification for updates.

However, it is important to note that social media is open to everyone, including scammers. You must be careful when following accounts and channels. Some may be fraudsters. First, you can check the number of followers. A project with many followers is more likely to be genuine. However, you should check that the followers are legit. You should confirm if there are some renowned and reputable companies or individuals’ accounts following the project. Such projects are likely to be genuine. Additionally, you can check people’s reactions and comments to the posts. If you see negative comments then you should be careful. Again, you should avoid sharing your wallet’s private keys with anyone. Additionally, be careful with tweets that redirect you to other sites as some may be for scammers. Do not follow such sites and give your payment details as they usually con. Twitter and Discord are the quickest ways to find NFT drops early.

  • NFT-Games Platforms


Some play-to-earn NFT games reward players with valuable NFTs for free. These NFT drops come along the roadmaps of such gaming projects, especially during the early stages of the development. Some projects reward users immediately after the launch as a welcome incentive. However, other projects will reward users based on their activities on the platform. These platforms also have play-to-earn models that allow users to earn tokens as they play on the games. The in-game assets of such NFTs are tokenized hence you can earn them and even develop them as you play. The more the game attracts many people the higher the value of the NFTs. You can try many games since you might not be certain of the one that will break through in the end.

  • NFT marketplaces


On NFT marketplaces also you can find free NFTs, especially during special events such as the launching of new projects. is one of the websites that you are likely to find free Ethereum-based NFTs.,, and are hubs for Solana-based NFTs. You can manually browse them to find the free drops. For Cardano-based NFTs, check the upcoming NFTs on Wen CNFT.

Again, not all the projects listed on these sights may not be legit. Therefore, you have to double-check to avoid fraud. You should do personal research to find good NFT projects before buying.

  • Blockchains and Crypto Trading Platforms


Blockchain projects also offer free NFTs, especially during launch. For example, Solana (SOL) is giving away 10000 NFTs free to mark the blockchain’s NFT Launchpad.

Other platforms that offer NFTs free include Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap.

What to Consider When Looking for Free NFT Drops

First, you should do your research to avoid fraud. Although you do not pay anything when dealing with an NFT airdrop, you would not want to engage with fraudulent projects. You may give your details to these projects and they misuse your data or launch any form of a cyberattack on you. You should do some background research to ascertain the legitimacy of the project before you get involved.

Additionally when considering free NFTs from gaming competitions, always go for games that, you enjoy playing. It will increase your chances of winning free NFTs.

The Bottom Line

NFT drops are the easiest and the cheapest way to find free NFTs . With giveaways, you do not have to pay anything, yet such NFTs can grow in value tremendously. As many projects keep launching, we expect to have more free NFTs available for collection. By careful considerations of free NFTs announcements available on social media sites such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and on marketplaces, you can find good NFTs.



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