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How to Find the Best NFT Projects EARLY

How to Find the Best NFT Projects EARLY

Jan 23, 2022

Investing in NFTs early is one of the tips that successful NFT investors and collectors use to get good deals from the market. Buying NFTs at drop time has many advantages including the opportunity to get good NFTs at a cheaper price. A good NFT will always increase in price as the demand increases hence becoming too expensive for the beginners. For example, NFT Punks were given out at nearly no cost when they were first minted. Today, an average CryptoPunk character will cost you at least $200,000.
Many NFT projects are currently available in the market and getting a good NFT drop may be a challenge especially to the newcomers. Here are some tips on how to find legit NFT projects early.

Where to Find New NFT Projects

NFT Websites

Rarity websites are the popular way that many people use to find NFT projects coming soon. However, you need to know these tools, especially if you are entering the market for the first time.

The first website is Rarity Tool (rarity.tool), which lists best early NFT projects. If you click on the “Upcoming” tab, you will find many upcoming NFTs projects with their descriptions. Most of the projects listed on the rarity.tool are Ethereum NFT projects. However, you will also find some projects on Solana. Rarity.tool also provides you with links to social sites such as Twitter and Discord. You will also find the link to the official website. You can clock on the links to check the size of the community associated with the project you are considering. A project with a large community is a good sign because the NFTs are likely to have higher liquidity. Rarity.tool also ranks the rarity of the NFTs, which is one of the parameters of determining a good NFT project.

Another website you can go to when looking for drops is The website mostly contains Solana-based projects. You will also find the name of the project, the images, and the links to the social sites.

Twitter, Discord, and Telegram

Twitter is the leading social site for finding early NFTs projects. Most projects communicate to their communities through Twitter. The NFT community on Twitter is very active and can help you get real-time communication on the developments in the industry. If you search the hashtags #NFTCommunity, #NFT, or #nftart, you will find many trending tweets talking about early NFT projects. You can find some important news happening within the NFT space or some or just current trends that you should be aware of. You can also search “NFT drop” on the search to see the NFT projects coming soon. Another tactic you can use on Twitter is to follow the accounts of experienced NFT collectors or investors. Such people always have insight into the market and they can help you remain at par with the market trends.

Discord and Telegram are also important communities where to find biggest NFT projects coming soon. You can interact with the members on these platforms to have insight into the coming NFT drops. Telegram also has bots that can send you a notification about the coming BFT launches.

Mint Scanners

This is another platform where to find NFT projects early. Mint scanners (mint trackers) are more advanced tools that people use to identify the early NFT projects. These tools track the NFTs being minted in real-time. These tools will look at certain contracts in Ethereum and identify the ones that are getting live mint from users. They will help you identify the NFTs that are getting a lot of traction and send you a real-time notification.

These tools will also make you aware of stealth drops. Stealth drops are the NFTs that are released without public notice – you cannot find such news on Twitter or any other NFT websites. One of the most popular mint scanner tools is the icy.tool. This platform gives a lot of information about the listed NFTs including the number of current mints, the all-time mints, and even the number of unique minters.  You will also find the links to the social sites of the project including their Twitter page, their website, their OpeanSea official webpage, Discord, and Etherscan. You may have to pay to access some timeframes on the Website; however, it is mostly free. Nansen is another website that offers mint-tracking tools. However, it is a little more expensive and suitable for more advanced traders. You can get a seven-day trial for $9 but the prices are expensive after the trial. Currently, the cheapest plan is $1,400 per year and the most expensive is $30,000 per year.


YouTube can also be a good source of information about early NFT projects. Some YouTube personalities regularly make videos about NFTs about the current hype in the cryptocurrency world. Besides teaching you about the NFT markets, these YouTubers will occasionally drop links on the upcoming best NFT projects. You can subscribe to these channels and click the notification button so that you can watch videos on the new developments as soon as they come out. You will be ahead of many other investors since buying early always means you buy best NFTs cheaply. Some of these

How to identify a good NFT

Now that you know where to find NFT early, the next step is selecting the best NFT for your investment. One of the main factors you should consider is the NFT rarity Websites such as the Rarity.tool makes this process easy by ranking the rarity of the projects. However, you should always find out how the creators make the NFTs rare. You should remember that rarity drives the price. Therefore, rarer NFTs will be more expensive than the least rare ones. Another factor to take into account is the NFT project’s community strength. A project with many followers on its social sites such as Twitter is likely to have a bigger community and valuable NFTs. The NFT project with a big community also develops good liquidity, meaning you will be able to sell your NFT quickly if you want.


In the end, the NFTs market is highly volatile, and the prices of the asset vary based on many factors such as rarity, hype, and popularity. You must do good research before your money on any project. However, this article has shown you where to begin from. Knowing how to find good NFT projects gives you a higher chance to succeed in this trendy market.



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