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How to monetize your NFTs

How to monetize your NFTs

Apr 02, 2022

Monetizing NFTs is all about putting your investments to work by leveraging the technology and collectibles in the market to increase your wealth.
Below, we will discuss some methods of NFT monetization for creators, as well as some more unconventional ways that should not be ruled out.

  1. Create Artwork That People Want to Buy

Here, NFT monetizing NFTs simply involves creating art that others feel confident to purchase or investing in. While the appeal of art and collectibles is largely subjective, successful NFT creators share some elements like releasing a limited number of high-quality collectibles.

Do not over-create. By only minting the finest NFTs, you ensure your following associates you with the best there is to offer on NFT marketplaces.


  1. Select a Marketplace with High Trading Volumes

You need to mint and sell your NFTs at a popular NFT marketplace that records high number of visits and trading volumes. By monetizing art this way, you are more likely to sell your collectible at a good price. To get started, create a cryptocurrency wallet for storing your crypto assets, sending tokens and receiving payments.


  1. Market Your Work

There is no point creating the next NFT masterpiece and not telling anyone about it. You can spread the word about your products yourself or pay an influencer to do it. Use your social media channels to funnel NFT enthusiasts to your platforms of choice and initiate sales. Ensure you post your work to relevant crypto segments on different platforms, using hashtags such as #NFTs, #Crypto, #NFTproject, and #NewNFTs.


  1. Be Easily Accessible

Followers want to know where they can access your work. Hence it is very important to stick to at least two platforms. By listing your work on let’s say Opensea, you’ll find more traffic directed your way from other social media sites. This will also improve your project’s algorithm and drive more sales.



Can you make money selling NFTs?

Yes, you can. Identify NFTs with a high potential for value appreciation. Then proceed to buy the NFTs at a lower price and sell them at a higher price.

How do I promote my NFT art?

Use social media extensively. Actively participating in crypto and NFT segments on social media assists in initiating sales by channeling people to your platform.

How do I make and sell NFTs?

You can make and sell NFTs on any of the various NFT marketplaces. Get started by signing up on the marketplace, connect your crypto wallet and you’re set to start minting NFTs.

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