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How to Choose the Best New NFT Projects to Invest In


Many NFT projects are out there, and more are still coming up daily. As an investor, whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will always want to go for highly profitable projects. Some new NFT projects have massive potential and bring high returns to investors. However, some project ends up failing shortly after launching leading to losses.

How can you select the best new project to invest in?

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when selecting a new NFT project for investment.


The Art


Art is the real asset behind an NFT. It is what drives the demand for the token attached to it. Consider factors such as the rarity of the art and the popularity of the creator. More unique articles by famous artists attract high demand hence are likely to increase in value over time.


The Project


At best, a project is as good for investment as its roadmap and the people behind it. Make sure you read about the project from the official website and understand how it works. Makes sure that the roadmap looks viable and realistic. Consider a project with a development roadmap rather than just exaggerated milestones. Additionally, ensure there is good technology behind the project.


The Team


The team behind a project is its driving engine. Legitimate projects will publish the profile (at least a short description) of the key members of the project team, such as the founders, IT specialists, and the management. Confirm that the names indicated are real names and not just nicknames. Check if the contacts of the team members are supplied. If possible, check out their LinkedIn profiles to learn more about them. You can contact the founders to engage them.




Consider the number of collectibles available in the project and the amount you are allowed to mint. Projects with a high ratio between the owners and the total number of items are more decentralized and stable. The ratio should be at least 50%. If few users have a large amount of NFTs, they will have more control of the market. They can drop the floor price when they sell their assets.

Some NFTs projects will require minters to be whitelisted. Ensure you are aware of such policies and be prepared for them.

Also, consider the minting fee, which ranges between 2.5% and 10%. The maintenance price is also an essential factor that adds to the total cost of minting and holding an NFT. The price usually ranges between 0.03-0.08 ETH. Beware of gas wars that sometimes arise when many users are minting at the same time. Some projects have mitigation measures for this scenario. They create tickets that a user buys beforehand to enable them to mint NFTs at a normal gas price for a specific time (for example, six hours).




Good projects have a good community around them. Check the numbers of the followers of the project’s Twitter account as well as the Discord members. However, the number of followers a loan is not enough to gauge the project. Some companies go as far as buying followers. Find out how active the communities are by checking out the retweets and comments on the project’s contents on these platforms. The community, if well analyzed, gives an accurate picture of what the project looks like.




Read the FAQ to understand more about the project and the asset. Ensure there are no hidden data.

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