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Project Description

Your fortune is waiting beyond the shores of Altarius. Collect cards, build your character and play games to upgrade your cards! FREE mint happening soon.


The Basics

An old Amissian game that game across the tireless ocean in old tattered decks, Three Towers is played by all sorts of passengers. As the name might suggest the game is played with three important sections called “Towers”.

Each Tower needs exactly 14 points of cards laid below it. The hexagonal Tower will count down to zero. If a stack goes negative the round is lost. If all three towers are set to zero exactly the round is won.
Score Area14
Score Area1
Card: 5-of-diamonds.png
Card: 2-of-clubs.png
Card: 6-of-hearts.png
Score Area-2
Card: 6-of-hearts.png
Card: 10-of-spades.png

Story Cards

There are numerous special cards that give benefits and drawbacks depending on when the state of the board when they are drawn. Each of these Story Cards represents an element of Amissia’s forgotten history.

Every Three Towers deck starts out alike, with 40 numbered cards and 14 Story Cards. As you suit up your Hero to take on the challenge you are awarded bonus Story Cards based on the attributes of your Hero, Weapon, and Armor.

Choose wisely, as increasing your Story Cards of a certain type can drastically change your playing strategy.

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