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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Afrocentric & Afro futuristic NFT collection of 700 ‘2D’ hand drawn illustration of Alté personalities representing freedom of expression through ART x TECH x MUSIC x FASHION that resides on the web3 Ethereum Blockchain.

Alternative “Alté” or “uhl-teh” culture which originates from Lagos, has spread across the world through Afro beat, Fashion, Art & Tech, our community is focused on addressing introspective and emotive topics, it delves into areas that are unconventional or taboo and seeks to embrace topics that are not at the forefront of African culture.

Many Alté personalities has for years faced strong criticism in the African society by being different or challenging overly conservative culture and are targets for harassment, Police/SARS brutality & profiling, sometimes family & societal neglect. We are building a metaverse with endless utilities, immersive 3D virtual Lagos city, Alte school of creative arts, tech & African Language, NFT Journal Book, P2E games and lots more.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Alternative Society NFT NFT Roadmap

Q1 ’22:
• Creation, design & birth of Alté
society digital art pieces, Smart
contract & Web Infrastructure
• Launch & Pre-Minting

Q2 ‘22:
• Minting
• Marketing & Community
building, engaging Alté
minds, artistes & Alte
culture influencers.
• Merch production for
Holders/Give aways
• Writing/Publishing of our
Alte NFT journal Book.

Q3 ‘22:
• Enhanced marketing, Strategic
partnership with influencers,
Artiste collaboration for metaverse
Utilities such as Virtual concerts,
Digital music ownership tokens.
• Press releases, Brand awareness.
• Alte society’ Journal Book Launch,
NFT Exhibition, Pop up parties.
• Alte society V2 NFT Drops Teaser
• Launch of our 3D Alte society NFT
characters for Play to earn
Games & Custom Metaverse
• Animation teasers of our
Metaverse project.
• Charitable initiatives &

Q4 ‘22:
• Virtual conferences/Events for
• Press releases
• Collaboration and partnership
with other NFT clubs, Mental
health consultants, Creative art,
Tech & African languages
programs for our Metaverse

Q1 ’23:
• Deployment testing “Beta”
Phase of our Metaverse
• Further enhancements &


Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!