Angry Arabs - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

THE SAUCE A collection of 1000 unique Angry Arabs NFT living in the desert of the blockchain. Few of the first homo sapiens to voyager around the blockchain in the first-ever hovering space yacht; listening to drums and watching meta belly dancers. No need to be scared of them though!! They are just upset it’s hot!!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Angry Arabs NFT Roadmap

20% SOLD: 10 T-shirts Giveaway. SWAG UP !!! You’re one of us now

40% SOLD: Contribution to Charity.

50% SOLD: 5k Cash “from the Meta-oil field” Giveaway.

60% SOLD: 5 Angry Arabs Giveaway.

80% SOLD: Launching Angry Arab Wives

100% SOLD: 5 Random owners get a fully paid staycation in the United Arab

Additional Info

Taking the stereo type and embracing it.. Using the digital world to to invite people to the real world with a fully paid staycation. Disclaimer *Arabs are actually nice.

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