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Project Description

The Asterfi’s were a technologically advanced alien race that lived in the Asterpal sphere, a multi-planet portal located in a hidden region of the universe. They were always looking for ways to improve their sphere and their own abilities, but their rapid growth and change led to disaster. The excessive use of nuclear energy on their planet caused the planet to explode, and only 2000 Asterfi were able to escape. These survivors were left drifting in space with no purpose or direction.

In order to honor the legacy of the AsterFi and their pursuit of perfection, a team of artists and investors have created ASTERFI, a unique collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This collection is limited to 2000 NFTs, making it a highly sought after and valuable addition to any NFT collection. ASTERFI also offers a unique feature for its investors: a cash flow stream. A portion of the mint price of each NFT is invested in a diverse portfolio of 10 cryptocurrencies, allowing ASTERFI to capitalize on market bull runs and drive long-term value growth for each NFT. By combining the value of cryptocurrency investments with the collectability of NFTs, ASTERFI offers a unique opportunity for investors and collectors alike.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Asterfi NFT Roadmap

Phase 1: Mint And Reveal
In this phase, you will mint an unrevealed Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Asterfi platform. This involves creating a unique digital asset that will represent your collectible item.
To complete the minting process for your ASTERFI, you will need to manually reveal your item. This involves sending a transaction to the relevant smart contract through the ASTERFI website. Once the reveal process is complete, you will be able to determine which cryptocurrency will be the underlying support for your item.
It is important to note that the reveal process must be completed manually to properly reveal your ASTERFI and ensure that the Liquidity behind it is properly invested in the corresponding cryptocurrency.

Phase 2: DAO
Asterfi is a community-led project, and in this phase, you will have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process by voting on proposals to increase the cash flow behind every NFT in the Asterfi collection. This could involve finding ways to increase liquidity or implementing other methods to increase the value of the NFTs.

Phase 3: Launching the NFTfi Platform
In this phase, you will be able to access a range of features and services on the Asterfi platform, including the ability to take out a loan using your NFT cash flow, participate in a royalty staking system to increase your NFT cash flow, and access other features on the DAO.

Phase 4: Creating a Metaverse
At ASTERFI, we are committed to bringing vision to life through the art of our NFTs. We offer a variety of unique and valuable lands that are available for collection by holders of our NFTs. These lands serve as a foundation for the future metaverse, and we are dedicated to making them accessible and valuable to our community. By collecting ASTERFI NFTs, you can not only acquire beautiful and unique digital assets but also gain access to exclusive virtual spaces that will shape the future of immersive experiences.
The Goal
the goal of Asterfi is to increase the liquidity behind the Asterfi NFT collection to such an extent that it becomes a reliable source of value storage with low volatility and financial support. This will involve reducing the dependence on the price and capital within the collection on market conditions. It may also involve creating virtual worlds or “metaverse” within which the NFTs can be used and traded. To achieve this, the Asterfi team will work on making every NFT a unique piece of “visual art” that can be used to create immersive, interactive experiences in the metaverse.
Conclusion: Overall, the goal of the Asterfi NFT collection is to create a source of value storage that is both financially secure and aesthetically pleasing, with a strong focus on community involvement and creativity. By increasing liquidity and reducing dependence on market conditions, the Asterfi team hopes to create a vibrant and exciting metaverse that is accessible to all.

Additional Info

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