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Project Description

In this limited edition, fully playable video game release, artist Shantell Martin reimagines the artwork for Atari’s arcade classic, Asteroids. The video game is delivered as a digital cartridge, which can be played in your web browser, via the free Polycade AGS desktop software, and on any Polycade arcade machine (including those in public places like bars). You are free to sell your digital cartridge any time via marketplaces like Coinbase and OpenSea.
Owning this digital cartridge gives you access to our Launch Tournament as well as other tournaments around this game. Additionally, this cartridge grants you 10% off all physical Polycade products.
This is the first installment in a 12 part series, “Artist x Atari”.
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See our white paper for a detailed breakdown of the Polycade Limiteds platform.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Asteroids By Shantell Martin NFT Roadmap

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Additional Info

Polycade featuring: @shantell_martin
x Atari
MINTING 12/12!!!!
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