Astro X NFT - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

3D ART collection.
10.000 high definition 3k Arts.
Astro X NFT is a long term Project.
Public Sale 0.32 ETH. Huge discount on PRE SALE (available for a few days only)

1st collection – 10.000 Unique Astro X.
Chapter I – A group of 10.000 Global Citizens ready to go to Mars.
Colletion holds 650+ traits, distributed as HELMET, FLAG, HEAD, UNIFORM, BACKGROUND, EYES & HAIR.

Holders will be rewarded just for holding Astro X NFT.
Holders will have priority to mint the following collections.
Total of 17.778 Astro X collectibles divided into 4 different collections

We are expecting to have 4-7% APY on our staking procedures.
Powered by Ethereum

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Astro X NFT NFT Roadmap

1. Creation
A total of 17.778 Astro X in 4 different collections
The creation of the first Astro X collection, Mars Explorers, and the following three collections and 2d animations.
Made by a high-quality 3d art designers team that handrawn every detail of the characters.
Development of all projects, utilities, metaverse, characters, marketing, and online platforms.
We did choose Ethereum Blockchain because we believe in the Ethereum project and think it will surpass Bitcoin in Market Cap soon!

2. Build the Astro X social community
Discord is open, Instagram and Twitter will be our ways to communicate with our community. Don´t forget to follow us!
3. 1st collection Pre-Sale & Public Mint
Pre-Sale price will be 0.065 ETH
Public Mint price will be 0.32 ETH
This collection will have mint procedures that we will stake and reward holders.
4. Staking begins
Holders of Astro X nft will have rewards from staking.
5. 2nd collection Pre Sale & Public mint
5.555 Astro X nfts

Only Holders of Astro X nfts will have access to Pre-Sale Mint.
Pre-Sale price will be 0.05 ETH
Public Mint price will be 0.32 ETH
2nd Collection will have 5% Royalties attached to them, Royalties will be distributed as Staking Rewards for the Holders.
6. 3rd collection Pre Sale & Public Mint
2.222 Astro X nfts
Only Holders of Astro X nfts will have access to Pre-Sale Mint.
Pre-Sale price will be 1 ETH
Public Mint will be a Dutch Auction starting at 3.5 ETH
3rd Collections will Have 5% Royalties attached to them, they will be distributed as Staking Rewards for Holders.
This collection will have Mint procedures
7. 4th collection 1 Astro X NFT
Raffle + 20 ETH reward for the first holder!
The character will have a special feature in the Metaverse.
The character will be decided by the Discord Community
8. What’s Next?!
The built of the Mars Metaverse, Apps, Games and more Utilities for NFTs Holders.
Join our Discord to help us built it

Additional Info

PRE MINT Nov 24th

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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