Baboil NFT - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

5555 baby lions ready to innovate and revolutionize the web 3.0 space across the multi chain| offer people a voice and a platform to discuss their thoughts and foster a sense of community| provide everyone with the opportunity to learn and take part in the web 3 environment.

Baboil public mint date: 25th of january 2023 !!!
Five(5) unique legendaries on three(3) different blockchains: NEUTRAL BABOIL: 2000 unique collections.

Neutral Baboil mint blockchain: Aptos(APT)
Mint price: 4APTFURRY
BABOIL: This legendary has 1555 collections.
Furry Baboil mint blockchain: Solana(SOL)
Mint price: 2.5SOLALIEN BABOIL: 1000 unique artwork collections.
Alien Baboil mint blockchain: Ethereum(ETH)
Mint price: 0.045ETHDRIPP’N BABOIL: 500 super collections.
Dripp’n Baboil mint blockchain: Solana(SOL)
Mint price: 2.5SOLINVISIBLE BABOIL: 500 rare collections.
Invisible Baboil mint blockchain: Ethereum(ETH)
Mint price: 0.045ETH

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Baboil NFT NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

✅ NFTs art design & generation
✅ Social media setup
✅ Social media marketing & awareness
✅ Discord launch
✅ Open for Exclusive
✅ Giveaways (BL & Free Mints)
✅ Baboil Nft website UI & architecture
✅Baboil Nft whitepaper release 🟢🟡🟠

Phase 2

⭕ Baboil Stake(Dapp) UI Release
⭕ Baboil Nft Legendaries Release
⭕Website LIVE
⭕Noil City Whitepaper Release
⭕Knowing the big game (NOIL CITY)
⭕Listing on Secondary Marketplace
⭕$BAB token mint

Phase 3

⭕ Noil City LIVE
⭕ Noil City Membership Claim
⭕ Baboil Stake(Dapp)
⭕ Testnet/Mainnet Release Airdrops
⭕ WEB 3 Talent Marketplace UI & Architecture (Dapp)
⭕ Transformation into NOIL CITY and Projects.
⭕ To be continued… (Check Noil City RoadMap)

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!