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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

– this is to ensure that there is adequate supply, while not over-saturating the market and ensuring keep the secondary market at a certain level; if need to will burn off our NFTs and do these for a secondary collection, as want to make sure you make money too.

Where can I find out more details about the project? zep_green_tick

ds_starr First place is our website: – however we have a lot of amazing information all over our discord, along with that have also created a Whitepaper with all the information that you may need; have translated this into both Japanese and Chinese, if there are any other languages that you would like this in, please request it and will do our best depending on demand.

What are the royalties? zep_green_tick
ds_starr 4% – chose this after reviewing the top 50 projects and what they offered, this 4% will go to ensuring can continue to donate to charities after have minted, along with making sure can continue to do giveaways for our community. Along with this funds and profits will be proportionally distributed to our DAO of which all our NFT holders are members.

I have a question not on the FAQs zep_green_tick
ds_starr If you have a question that’s not on the FAQ then feel free to create a support ticket in #🔖┋support and ask away! These FAQ’s will be updated accordingly to any usual questions.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Beastlike NFT Roadmap

JULY​ 2022​

As continued to grow understood more of what wanted to create and what the bigger goals of the company would be; over the next few months, we created our final product (our first collection is based on forty unique beasts), along with developing the art work, storyline and other digital assets. When soft launched our marketing and community wanted to make sure there was something for everyone so current have:​​​

– Digital models for people to download for free and paint and use in their tabletop games​
– DND assets including character sheets, a campaign for five – six characters, a real world map to explore​
– An amazing story for people to read so they can really get into the world ​
– Mock ups of the world of Gaia, along with an amazing map ​
– A look book, so people can flick through the art and truly get immersed into the project

JULY​ 2022​
THE commitment

After speaking to a lot of experts and industry specialists discovered that there is still a lot for us to do; so working with third party verification services to ensure people realise this is a brand that they can trust. All charities giving to will provide receipts of donations if they don’t have a smart wallet and if they do they are inbuilt into our smart contract. ​​

AUG​ 2022​

Will be massively ramping up our marketing, creating more assets and things for the community along with doing whitelist giveaways and finding the right people to partner with for our brand, during this time our focus is on ensuring that everything do is quality and ticking all the right boxes along with supporting the community right away. ​

Sep​ 2022​
THE launch​

Will be officially launching mid-September with a multiple phase launch this is to ensure that all our members and people who have whitelisted get a chance to buy along with the community in general; our goal around this is to ensure a good supply a high floor price and also that once sellout there is opportunity for our buyers on the secondary market.

Oct​ 2022
THE market​

Want to ensure our members and buyers have a product which increases in value so will be supporting a complete secondary market channel via Opensea, however want to ensure that people also hold their NFTs because believe they will not only increase in value but also that people will want to hold them for their collectability and utility. ​

Nov​ 2022​​

After have sold at least one third of our product will be airdropping NFT owners some amazing things, while develop these and ensure everything is set up will be running an amazing giveaway competition with some of the funds from the initial mint funding this – to ensure absolute transparency will be using a third party sweepstakes company to manage this. Selling at least one third of our NFTs allows us to not only afford to run the competition properly but also have enough liquidity to keep marketing the business and proceeding with the next stages in our plan.​

Dec​ 2022​
THE celebration​​

As Christmas approaches want to ensure have all our partnerships in place and additionally begin to hire additional team members and begin work on developing our online world. This is also when will announce the giveaway winners and release our yearly results report for accountability.

Q2​ 2023​
THE growth​

Throughout the coming year we will be developing more physical and real world assets along with our DAO for our IP – this means a percentage of the companies profits will be allocated to our NFT holders. By the second quarter everything in this respect will be live and ready to go, along with this our coin and card systems. Want to ensure that have a good set of rewards so by this time will have hired two partnership managers to deal with getting new brands on board to provide the best discounts to our members.​ ​ Following this our primary focus is developing our online world; via our three layer gaming system, so the majority of company funds will be invested into making this work; our current plan is to do this in-house, however also have no objections to outsourcing the development of this side of the project. ​ ​ During this period will also be releasing our second collection, featuring twenty thousand additional NFTs. ​​

Q3​ 2023​
THE direction​​

After the successful sale of even sixty percent of one collection the companies liquidity even after giveaways and supporting charities will be strong and will continue to do prize draws. ​ Although our community is everything want to create something massive, so our primary focus in the later half of the year is developing our Anime/TV show and getting more brand awareness outside the NFT/Crypto world. The success of this obviously is given back to our community, but creating something larger allows for a more substantial long-term plan. ​​

THE future​​

The business has massive goals; in total have designed over a hundred beasts along with toys, card games and more and our focus into the future is releasing this in an intelligent way whilst preserving our brand. As work towards our future goals will continue to be committed to releasing high quality products. ​
Q1 2024​

This is where want our game fully operations and completely launched along with the first iteration of our Anime ready – if we partner with a larger streaming service to speed this up then will be seeking full feedback from our community. ​​


Additional Info


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