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Project Description

Big Daddy Ape Club is a private collection of 2,222 apes. It isn’t just about a monkey or a stunning PFP, our apes are designed to have utilities in Solana Blockchain.
The value of each Ape is based off subjective information and is calculated by the amount of unique features, attributes and accessories that each Ape displays. There are more than 179 traits hand-drawn.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Big Daddy Ape Club NFT Roadmap

Phase I

– Mint 2,222 2D Big Daddy Ape.
– Build BDAC-DAO using SolaLand.
– Funding 50% minted revenue to BDAC-DAO for “Buy Back – Sweep The Floor”, and… It’s treat time; money will used for activities, rewards, airdrop bluechip and more for our holders.
– Release a governance token for Big Daddy Ape Club, its called $BDAC. There is no monetary value for $BDAC because it will be used for our utilities only.
– Release BDAC-Hub Beta with 2 utilities: BDAC-Staking, BDAC-Sweep.

Phase II

– Start a 3D Big Daddy Ape with 4,444 NFT, and 2D holder able to use $BDAC for exchange discount/whitelist/mint.
– Release more utilities based on BDAC-DAO requests.
– Release exclusive merch drops, holder will use $BDAC for claim merch.
– Partnerships with other big projects to bring more benefits DAO to spend their $BDAC.

Additional Info

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