Boltbolt Nebula - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Every once in a while, a new product is introduced in the World that stirs excitement and shakes up the industry.

Meet Nebula – The future trend of products.

Nebula is the origin of the future product trend that products coexist both in real life and the Metaverse. Nebula is a product of the imagination that allows you to transcend the mundane and every day into fantasies that defy reality. Nebula is an experience, a vibe, an aura – It’s your gateway to fantasy and new possibilities.

The project consists of 5,555 Nebulas waiting for its owner.

Nebula is the first product introduced by BOLTBOLT – uses the latest technology in Digital Art, Blockchain Authentication, Augmented Reality, Precise Engineering, and Advanced Manufacturing to create extreme products coexisting in real life and the Metaverse.

Build. Deploy. Flaunt.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Boltbolt Nebula NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

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