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Project Description

8888 unique bowls of koi on the Ethereum blockchain that symbolize peace, harmony, and elegance.

Bowl of Koi is a collection of 8888 unique bowls on the Ethereum blockchain. Each bowl of koi has a harmonious flow of energy and helps bring a sense of serenity into its keepers life.

The project provides various digital assets that capture the essence of these elegant fish. These include a 2k resolution video that brings the fish to life through their graceful swimming patterns and vibrant colors, a high-res photo that captures a single moment in time, a 3D model that gives a more interactive experience, and an AR model that allows the fish to swim in your space.

You are free to use your bowl for personal and commercial use. Check the website for the roadmap and more info on the project!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Bowl of Koi NFT Roadmap

Early adopters drop

For the early adopters who have supported us from the beginning of our journey, we will be airdropping 10 Bowl of Koi NFT’s as a token of our appreciation
Rarity ranking

Project will be listed on a rarity ranking website

Charity donation

To give back to the community, we will be donating 1.5% of our primary sales to a charity chosen by the community


100 lucky holders will be given a physical metal poster of a bowl they own

Charity donation

5% of our primary sales will be donated to a charity chosen by the community

Looking Glass

5 lucky holders will be gifted a Looking Glass

Physical Bowl of Koi

10 holders that own at least 5 Bowl of Koi NFT’s will win a physical Bowl of Koi
Future plans

Bowl of Koi: Ascension + Roadmap 2.0

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!