Cash Cow - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Cash Cow eco-system is comprised of a unique collection of 5000 NFT’s, coupled with its own tradable $MOO token. Both the NFTs and the token operate and function on the Ethereum Blockchain. We intend to reward NFT holders in $ETH on a weekly basis. Each NFT will get $ETH rewards based on the total trading volume generated on our $MOO token.

Along with $ETH rewards for NFT holders, Cash Cow will produce its own line of merchandise and digital collectables where NFT holders will get private sale access. We are committed to making your experience with Cash Cows valuable & profitable. Holding a Cash Cow NFT also enables holders to participate in our exclusive competitions & raffles

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Cash Cow NFT Roadmap


Q1 2023

We will be giving birth to the Cash Cow NFT on the 1st February – 1st Mint is FREE! Shortly after the NFT launch, we will begin a short presale for our $MOO token using the Pinksale platform. The $MOO token launch will follow and NFT rewards begin immediately! We will continue to expand our community throughout Q1 on all social Networks


Q2 2023

First sneak previews of our exclusive merchandise & upcoming digital collectables! Exponential growth of all our social platforms. Massive giveaways and raffles exclusively for our NFT holders. Rising NFT floor price. Token & LP staking Live – Compound your NFT rewards!.


Q3 2023

Merchandise store will go live and our first merchandise and digital collectables will go on sale! Exclusive discounts for NFT holders. Private sale access for all NFT holders on digital collectables. Percentage of profits used to Buy & Burn $MOO token. Continued community growth with competitions & Giveaways.


Q4 2023

As we prepare Cash Cow and $MOO token to enter a new year (and a potentially sustained bull market), we will be implementing a governance system that will allow NFT holders to vote on the future of Cash Cow. What we build next will be for the community of NFT holders to decide. We want to give our community some real control and input into the future of Cash Cow. This is, after all, a COMMUNITY based token!.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!