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Chronicles Of The Inhabited Worlds
Over 30 years ago, the idea of Chronicles Of The Inhabited Worlds was born. Tarahan conceptualized the idea in 1995 and have worked on it as a passion project ever since. He imagined a grand scale space epic IP that wasn’t focused on regurgitating the same stories and banking on a common niche but instead creating a new immersive chapter for the genre. Tarahan continued relentlessly making and developing something that would redefine the industry and allow for a new awakening of storytelling.

As time went on, the Co-Founders of Crunchyroll, Kun and James, went on to create the anime conglomerate Crunchyroll. After growing, scaling, and exiting for more than $1 Billion to Sony, Anime as a medium has now truly become ubiquitous across the globe.

However, a way to empower the audience and the anime connoisseur never existed. Then came Web3. The idea of decentralization and blockchain could play an instrumental role in an Anime series creation was a moment of sudden realization.
After years of revolutionizing the Anime industry, creating one of the most successful Anime platforms of all time, and cultivating a network of some of the world’s most talented producers, directors, animators, and storytellers, the founders of Crunchyroll have finally found the right team of creators, lead of Eddie Mehong to tell the story of the Chronicles of The Inhabited Worlds in animation.
Chronicles Of The Inhabited Worlds is an NFT collection using the blockchain to promote a new generation of Anime Series. After 30 years of what started as a passion project, there is now finally a way to fulfill the founding purpose through blockchain technology.
Chronicles is an anime-themed NFT PFP collection of 2,000 that will kickstart the story that has been in the making for three decades by allowing holders to play significant roles in the production of the series alongside the biggest names in Anime entertainment.
Each PFP will help populate the CotIW universe by developing new details and context for your NFT characters, making them eligible for inclusion in the official canon and/or a walk-on role in the anime. Shinji, the parent company of COITW, also released Shonen Junk in February, an NFT collection of a 9,000 supply at .05ETH per NFT.
The COITW collection will comprise 2,000 NFTs, with owners of the Shonen Junk collection getting priority. A low supply allows for an extremely tightly-knit community of anime enthusiasts, manga connoisseurs, and holder base that will play an instrumental role in the development of the Mangaverse series, which will be streamed on major international outlets.
Through emerging technology, the Shinji team is excited and ambitious to create a reformed essence in empowering the Anime community. Having systems and processes that will allow the holders of COITW to dictate the production of a new anime series will allow for a truly decentralized and enjoyable masterpiece. The team behind COITW are anime enthusiasts at heart. They have assembled the brightest minds and most cultivating talent to make waves in the entertainment industry by giving the power back to the consumer.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Chronicles Of The Inhabited Worlds NFT Roadmap

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Additional Info

PRICE: 0.05 ETH CLB (Chronicles Loot Box) * 0.10 ETH Public
MINT DATE: Jan 2023
CHAIN: Ethereum

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