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Project Description

The Coffee Club is a community driven NFT collection of unique mug-headed avatars. Each Cup is unique, and exists as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our goal is to form the largest community of crazed coffee lovers on the that the world has ever seen.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Coffee Club NFT Roadmap


We successfully launched on 3/16/22 @ 12:00 PM CST.


We are working with coffee subscription services to offer our community free subscriptions and other perks.
We will team up with other projects who share our core values and help our community grow.
These collaborations can benefit our community through allowlists, free mints, airdrops, and more.
We’ll collaborate with the community to determine the best way to implement breeding.


We are working on partnerships that will allow you to easily bring your Coffee Club NFTs into the physical world and Metaverse at the same time.
All Coffee Club merchandise will be priced at our cost basis, meaning we will never charge extra to make profit.


10% of all secondary resale royalties will be donated to a charitable fund.
We have chosen to give back to our wonderful Earth by donating to the Rainforest Alliance – who promotes climate-smart, and fair trade coffee cultivating.
You can read more about the Rainforest Alliance here.


By far the biggest piece of our Roadmap, you’ll see after launch!

The best part? This is only v1.0!

Additional Info

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