Colizeum ELITE - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Colizeum ELITE NFT – 5 000 LEGENDARY collectible NFTs backed up with an exclusive player card utility.

The ELITE holder can function as an individual guild – grow their player base by minting secondary Player Card NFTs and earning up to 25% of their earnings. On top – ELITE can produce various assets daily – tokens and NFTs.

Colizeum ELITE NFT grants full access to the Colizeum P2E ecosystem and allows you to produce various assets – tokens and NFTs. Colizeum ELITE holders are the only ones who can mint secondary Player Card NFTs. Every ELITE holder functions as an individual guild and can grow their player base and earn up to 25% of their earnings.


ELITE NFT is not just backed up with an exclusive player card utility but also carried significant artistic merit. Each NFT is a unique photorealistic 3D character that incorporates traits and attributes from the 7 Colizeum ELITES:

The concept of Colizeum ELITE was created by the world-class, award-winning artist – Marcin Rubinkowski – the creative soul behind “Love, Death and Robots”, “Lil Nas X”, “Coldplay”, and many other projects. Development of NFTs was led by the winner of numerous awards and recognitions – Gunvaldis Urtans.

ELITE NFTs will be free to mint on
The mint will be carried out in 2 phases – Private Mint, which will take place on November 24 at 12:00 pm UTC and the Public Mint – on November 24 at 15:00 pm UTC.

For you to have a chance to get ELITE NFT before others’, Whitelist Spot is necessary – get more info on

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Colizeum ELITE NFT Roadmap

SDK Beta Launched (DONE)
Dystopia: Battle Arena on Testnet (DONE)
Colizeum – Blockchain Play-and-Earn gaming ecosystem owned and driven by community and developers ready for launch! (DONE)
24th November 2022
Genesis NFT Drop – Colizeum ELITE NFT Free Mint
Q3, 2022 – Q1, 2023
ELITE NFT reveal and Colizeum Launch
Q1, 2023
Colizeum Marketplace Launch
Q1, 2023
NEW games on Colizeum

Additional Info

Colizeum ELITE NFT Free Mint – November 24th!

About Colizeum
Colizeum is a blockchain-based Play-and-Earn gaming ecosystem with multiple games. Colizeum is a technology and economy owned and driven by the community and developers. Colizeum enables every Colizeum NFT holder to:
· Earn daily
· Make passive income
· Receive exclusive rewards and bonuses
· Collect and trade in-game NFTs

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