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Project Description

The world’s first blockchain-based club for the hospitality industry.Enjoy multiple benefits among our network.

CCC is glamour and fashion, CCC is a lifestyle, it’s a movement, and it’s also a revolution in the hospitality industry.

Everything will start with a collection of 10,000 Chef NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Your CCC NFT grants access to members-only benefits, such as discounts in hospitality venues, gift vouchers, access to exclusive events and much more.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Crazy Chef Club NFT Roadmap

Q2 – 2022

– Creation and implementation of the ideas of CCC.
– Beginning of developing the CCC website.

Q3 – 2022

– Launch of the Partnership Program > This is the face where the team starts to partner with various hospitality venues and events organizations.
– Creation of the marketing materials.

Q4 – 2022

– Mint > official launching date of CCC NFTs.
– Launch on the secondary market.
– The $HOSPO token > Creation of the $HOSPO token.
– Firsts CCC event > The first big event where all our club members can really feel to be part of a great club and enjoy all the benefits.

Q1 – 2023

– Partnership announcement – Release of the first list of partnership that the club have established so far.
– Weekly Raffle > Start of the weekly lottery to assign gift vouchers.
– The CCC online store > Launch of the CCC online marketplace.
– Beginning of the benefits for our members in the partnership venues.
– CCC Chef Pass NFTs > Launch and airdrop of the new collection.
– Stacking program > At this stage, you can stake your NFTs to generate $HOSPO tokens.

Q3 – 2023

– CCC Chef Pass NFTs > Announce the new collection.
– Crazy Chef Club DAO > Form an on-chain DAO.
– More to come…


– Opening of the FIRST of many Crazy Chef Club.

Additional Info

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