CrazyApez - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

CrazyApez is a Limited edition mint designed to entice and delight the collector, the thrill seeker and the ambassadors in the Crypto-sphere.

Partnered with an owner of one of the most sort after collections, BAYC, CrazyApez aims to put a highly sort after collection of Ape NFTs not only your digital wallets, but you can also display, and carry it with you in the palm of your hands.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

CrazyApez NFT Roadmap

Release of Genesis Series for Bored Ape #367

Launch of the Website/DApp including the following:

– Referral commissions payout
– Daily lottery
– Milestone huge rewards
– Status upgrades and bonuses

37104 Free 2d nfts
18552 Premium 3d NFTs

Physical Mystery Boxes with 12cm Collectibles in every box

Social Media consisting of
– Telegram
– Twitter Space
– Discord

Internal Crazy Apez Ambassador Program

Release of New Series (2) for Mystery partnership Collection

Continued rewards and perks for legacy Apez holders

Bigger Milestone prizes and frequency of the prizes

Smaller quantity, higher value per NFT

CRAZY INFLUENCER program begins

Crazy about Caring Charity program begins

3. PHASE THREE : Release of Genesis Series Multi pop crazy mints
Partnering with big names to have a mixed selection of celeb, pop culture and influential Mints

Release of Theme Series (1) for Bored Ape #367 & #??? (mystery new ape mint)

Continued perks program for legacy Apez holders

Release collectible NFTs + Physical on 9cm mystery boxes

Bigger better rewards to be randomly won!

Higher price per mint, lower quantity than the previous series once more

Increase reach with CELEBRITY Program – involving Celebrity endorsement and unboxings

Connecting to the “CRAZY” Ecosystem, full integration with CrazyMeta

4. PHASE FOUR : The Big Crazy Blend
Merging the Collectibles with metaverse

Release of Genesis Series (4) – super secret partnership with Musical super giants – with customized collectibles

New BAYC ape added to collections, with new sponsored themes

Legacy holders rewarded for their ongoing support

Bigger random prizes, more often again!

Most expensive series yet, with most limited supply out of all series.

Full Voxel support and integration into partnered metaverse games, titles and animations.

Additional Info


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