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Project Description

Custodios is a project dealing with NFT tokenization of collectible items such as postage stamps and images, using blockchain technology to connect to a unique digital asset that cannot be reproduced, giving the person who purchased the item the sole ownership and certificate of authenticity of the purchased item.

Tokenized items are stored in special safes to ensure their safety, so that every person buying the item can be sure that the item is in physical form. In the next stages of the projects, plan to open the first Real Life Auction House of this type, where you will be able to bid and display collector speeches in the form of NFT, and we plan to create a game that will be play to earn for people who will hold our NFT.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Custodios NFT Roadmap

Custodios Road Map
Social Media & Custodios Website
Custodios Discord
Mint & Real Life Auction House
Custodios Game & Token
Custodios DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

Additional Info

Custodios is a project of 5555 art such as postage stamps and legendary paintings by painters such as Picasso.

All information on how to get a whitelist can be found on our Discord Server.

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