Deadpool Bets - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

True NFT betting. Inaugural degen collection of celebrities on NFTs for the greatest pool on earth. Buy one of 100 NFTs for a chance to win at least 50x the original mint price*. Should your NFT be the first to pass in 2023, you win the pot. In the event that none of the celebrities pass, there is one wildcard that wins it all.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Deadpool Bets NFT Roadmap


We brainstormed ideas for creating the next great NFT project. The criteria was that it had to be simple, degen and everlasting. Once we found what we wanted to do, we spent the time researching celebrity profiles, building the art samples and discussed probability and odds.

Phase 02
Art Production

We designed the frames and built characatures of each celebrity. Promo cards were created of already-passed icons. 15 promo cards total.

Phase 03

Because we have such a small supply, we decided that our launch is going to happen quickly and be closer to a “stealth launch” as supposed to a full-feldged shiller campaign. We will promote this during the month of September and all the way until mint.

Phase 04

Mint will begin very soon. Whitelist spots will be very limited due to the size of the collection. Once we hit 100 whitelisters, we will close it and mint. You can only have one whitelist spot per wallet address.

Phase 05

After a sell-out, we will build an Alpha Server which will only be available to holders. Information on future projects, whitelists, partnerships and more will be provided. No server will be made until after a sell-out so please be aware of this to prevent scams.

Phase 06

The game begins in 2023. Good luck to all. If you are holding a 2023 NFT, you will be automatically whitelisted to all future projects and deadpool games.

Additional Info

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