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Project Description

Degen War Seagull is a war story set in lands and seas ruled by birds where humans do not live. Seagulls and crows have been living as enemies since eternity. After the agreement of the crow and the seagull king, these birds, who have not been fighting for a while and live in their own region, rekindle the wars when the warrior and mad heir, who replaces the crow king, attacks the seagulls. The war will be massive and bloody. Sworn to protect their own kingdom, the seagulls gather their armies and prepare for war. There will be only one winner in this war. The victorious side wins everything. Other races are doomed to live in their captivity.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Additional Info

degen war seagull is an mmo wargame and 3 more collections will be distributed to nft holders

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