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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Devo Royal Court is a collection of 9666 unique demon NFTs fighting to become the next demon lord of their Metaverse. Owning a Devo makes you a shareholder of the project and you may benefit from various utilities and perks.

Each Devo is randomly generated with over 6 trillion possible unique combinations. They come in different colors, bodies, faces, clothes and accessories.

When you purchase a Devo, there are more benefits than just the profile picture. You also become a sponsor for the Devo. Each Devo gives you a vote to steer the project in the direction you want. More benefits will be offered over time as Devo Royal Court grows.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Devo Royal Court NFT Roadmap


FIRST-BORNS: (possible special perks for future phases)
Launching the first series of devo NFTs:
9,666 Pieces Priced at 0.0666 ETH Each.
There will be no royalty and devos will be revealed after selling out or on July 6, 2022
– 111 DEVOS SUMMONED: 2 ETH raffle/giveaway (mint 3-111)
– 333 DEVOS SUMMONED: 3 ETH raffle/giveaway (mint 3-333)

– 666 DEVOS SUMMONED: Raffle for 2 Legendary Devos
(Inferno Knight Captain / Kairen Knight Kaptain)- (Mint 3-666)
– 999 DEVOS SUMMONED: 5 ETH raffle/giveaway (mint 3-999)
– 3333 DEVOS SUMMONED: 6 ETH raffle/giveaway (mint 3-3333)

– 6666 DEVOS SUMMONED: 9 ETH raffle/giveaway (mint 3-6666)
– 9666 DEVOS SUMMONED: Live evet or giveaway (both worth 100 eth) decided by the community special rewards for legendary devo holders


* New series of Devos (Community vote on new accessories)
* Hire more staff to serve the growing community
* Implement more features such as:
– Staking
– Fusion/Evolution/Breeding
– ETC.
* Possibly add community suggested utilities
* Keeping up the with trends
* Whitelist for the first-borns
* More giveaways
* Special Events (currently planned: fight for the throne)

Additional Info

The final goal of this project is to establish a real life company and provide values to the holders by generating profit that way.