DiNodes NFT - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Welcome to, The Dino Nodes Club (DiNodes). A group of 7777 unique Dinos living on the Polygon Blockchain. Long long ago, in the lost land of tropical forests, lived the last-ever group of cute dinosaurs, the DiNodes. They used to roam around the earth in search of their owners until they found a huge cave which actually was a time loop and they got trapped! Fast-forwarding to 2022, after decamillenniums of the time loop adventure, humans have found the technology to free these cute DiNodes just by minting them. When you Mint 1 DiNode, you become the owner of that cute Dino because you freed it. Not just that, these Dinos have developed the skills to find various precious metals in those caves, which will be all yours. i.e 1 DiNode NFT = 1 lifetime ticket to multiple weekly rewards The holders of DiNodes will also have a chance to vote on many big decisions made throughout the project. This Dino Nodes Club will help to get you on the path towards a better financial future. Our primary goal is to help people achieve financial freedom and collaborate with projects, charities, and organizations.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

DiNodes NFT Roadmap

-Concept Inception
-Logo & Website
Twitter & Discord
-WL Giveaways
-OG Marketing

-Medium Blog
-AMA’s with various communities
-Minting (WL)
-Minting (Public)
-Listing on NFT marketplaces for resale

-Exclusive Giveaways
-Charitable initiative
-More Surprises to come

Additional Info

We will be giving away one lifetime ticket to each nft holder for multiple weekly node rewards.