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Project Description

We are looking for a kwon artist named Do Kwon.
Dog Kwons are the first POS Dog NFT Collection. Do Kwon has been in the hiding for a few weeks now and with this NFT, we want to attract all the eyes on what is happening. Ever since Terra Luna and UST has collapsed, many people have lost a huge part of their net worth, some even to the extent of losing everything. Crypto developers have to take responsibility, but Do Kwon has evaded allegations, claiming that it’s not his fault. We want to raise awareness to beginners and long time crypto investors into Do Kwons situation and hope that future crypto developers will not follow his footsteps. We know that crypto is a two edged sword, but that does not mean that people can just use Cryptocurrency in its infancy to rob others from their hard earned money – or stimi checks.
Dog Kwon are a collection of 9691x NFT’s. (Do Kwon’s birthday 06/09/1991) If we can only shed a bit of light in these dark financial times, we will wag our tails like there is no tomorrow. Hence we hope that following the entire Do Kwon saga and depicting it on our website will help us to do so. NFT’s are a great way to tell a story but also incorporate utility through the nature of smart contracts. Our contract is written by a developer that has been an active Solidity developer for the last 4 years and is very enthusiastic about NFT’s and its implication to future niches. What a coincidence also that Dog Kwon is similar to Do Kwon’s name. All that happens for a reason and we are happy to announce that our mint is now open for the public. We have one person that is excluded from the mint though – Do Kwon.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Dog Kwon NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Ethereum Mainnet (First POS Dog NFT)
Total Supply
9691 (Do Kwon bday 09/06/1991)
NFT Standard

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