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Project Description

DSLA Astromancers is a collection of 10K Avatar Collectibles that give you exclusive access to the DSLA Metaverse experience.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

DSLA Astromancers NFT Roadmap

Q2 2019
DSLA Protocol α

The first iteration of DSLA Protocol and DSLA.network, our flagship Ðapp. Enables the simple roll out of decentralized service level agreements.
Q2 2020
DSLA Residency Launch

An initiative enabling a global community to openly contribute to the DSLA family of products and operations.
Q3 2020
DSLA Protocol β

Validation of the functional, performance, reliability and security assumptions of DSLA Protocol and DSLA.network, our flagship Ðapp.
Q1 2021
DSLA Protocol v1.0 Mainnet

DSLA Protocol smart contracts are publicly available on the Ethereum mainnet.
APR 2021
DSLA Network Ðapp Launch

DSLA Protocol’s flagship Ðapp is available at https://dsla.network
Q2 2021
DSLA Protocol Developer Toolkit (DTK)

The official DSLA Protocol Developer Toolkit is made available to the general public.
Q3 2021
DSLA Protocol Maxima

DSLA Protocol is deployed to 5+ blockchain networks.
Q4 2021
DSLA Academy & DSLA Metaverse

Introduction to the DSLA Academy and Metaverse.
Q1 2022
Genesis Metaverse NFT Minting

101 inaugural DSLA Metaverse NFTs will be mintable by DSLA token holders, as per the November 30th 2021 snapshot.
Q3 2022
DSLA Protocol v2 Launch

A new major version of DSLA Protocol releases.
OCT 2022
DSLA Token Parametric Staking

Ability to stake DSLA tokens in DSLA Protocol, contingent on three successful audits.
Q3 2022
DSLA Metaverse Launch

Enroll to the DSLA Academy and enter the DSLA Metaverse. Earn NFT collectibles to boost your DSLA Protocol experience.
Q4 2022-Q1 2023
And Much More

As a mature risk management experience, DSLA Protocol v2.0 enables the guaranteed delivery of goods, services and digital assets in many industries, ranging from financial services to supply chains.

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