ERALOR: By Way of the Sea – Series 2 Mint - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

ERALôR is now minting “By Way of the Sea,” the second small series of only 500 NFTS from this web3 storytelling brand and production company.

ERALôR is a female led and female drawn registered business, creating original nostalgic characters and fictional stories from eras of time gone by. Each individual series consists of multiple characters that are brought to life through voice actors, music, and sound effects in our professionally produced audio drama podcast series.

Founded by doxxed husband and wife team, Ashley and Bryan (MamaBucks and BigBucks) are dedicated to creating a genuine, like-minded community that celebrates what it means to be human. Through original lore, balance and wellness initiatives, and IRL meet ups for the community, ERALôR was created to elevate life through compassion and connection.

Series 2: 1814 features 6 regency era characters. In their original lore series, “By Way of the Sea,” Elena learns she is not who she once believed she was and is dropped off the next day at the pier to journey to her new life. While aboard the Atlas, a merchant ship, she befriends the captain and his wife, Lucia, while avoiding the condescending eyes of the first mate, Silas. After the ship runs aground in a storm, Silas is left to care for Elena and Lucia on a tropical island while the captain rows for help. Soon after, Kwesi and Bahia were ashore, changing the dynamic for the stranded souls and helping Elena decide what she wants for her life and what she truly considers home.


Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

ERALOR: By Way of the Sea – Series 2 Mint NFT Roadmap

April 2022
The NFT Gathering: Banff, Canada

June 2022
NFT NYC meet up

July 2022
Founder’s Circle Mint

August 2022
Series 1 Mint

September 2022
ERALôR Experience: Speakeasy

December 2022
Month of Giving

January 2023
Series 2 Mint

February 2023
ERALôR Experience: Dominican Republic

April 2023
Month of Giving 2

May 2023
Series 3 Mint

Additional Info

Series 2 begins minting for Founder’s Circle holders on January 11th and for Series 1 holders on January 17th.

Public mint begins January 19th for 0.05 eth, with a discount when minting multiple pieces at once.

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