Eternal Royalty - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The First NFT to offer sustainable passive income and even payout in ETH! Holders will be able to stake their NFTs to receive 50% of the Royalties on a monthly basis. To capitalize on the ETH merge an allocation has been set to become part of the Ethereum blockchain by becoming a Validator! Rewards will also be distributed amongst holders!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Eternal Royalty NFT Roadmap


Research, Validate Idea & Establish Team…Completed: April 2022Thorough research completed based on existing use cases to ensure we have a unique, community engaging and benefitting model. Design thinking completed around use case, utility and marketing. Process maps created to ensure successful, collaborative and sustainable cycle from ideation to creation. Technology analysis completed. Tested lifecycle to ensure success and sustainability for loyal community members.
Create Whitepaper…Completed: May 2022To view click here

Announce on Twitter…Completed: June 2022
Open Discord for early users…Completed: June 2022Discord opened to limited members and will be open to public soon.
Launch Competitions…Completed: July 2022
Press Release on major Crypto media sites…Completed: August 2022


Launch Presale Mint…Completed: August 2022
Invite ETH Builders, Entrepreneurs & Investors…In Progress
Execute Planned Marketing..In Progress
Start Whitelist Campaign…In Progress
Launch Public Mint…
Reveal Crowns…


Finalise with community on ETH Validator structure…
Launch Royalties Staking…
Launch ETH Validator Nodes…
Launch Validator Analytics Web App…
Establish 3rd Party Partnerships (ETH Builders, Developers & Projects)…

Additional Info

Join our Discord server and rank up through our levelling system. Reaching level 10 will mean that you are eligible for a whitelist spot. Participating in our community events can also grant whitelist spots.