Flovatar Terrakit Land Pack - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

With the Flovatar TerraKit Land Pack, Flovatar gives you the launchpad, the infrastructure and all the tools to help you shape the reality of the Flovatar Universe through your own creativity and story creation by making whatever NFTs you want and monetizing them at the same time.

Each Flovatar TerraKit in the Pre-Sale Land Pack includes:

– 1 Flovatar Universe Builder (FUB): The novel builder allows for the creation of any NFT Series that can be imagined with 25 different slots available for the different traits available.
– 1 Residential Asteroid Island: Can be fully customized hosting up to 5 other NFTs in it (like the Series 1 Flovatars, but also any other character or building that will become available over time). It will host the FUB acting as a virtual store.
– 1 Flobot Companion: Assisting the colonization and terraforming of new places in the Flovaverse. The Flovabot is fully customizable and will be fully mintable just like Flovatars from Series 1.

For every one of the 3 components of the pack (Island, FUB and Flobot) you will have a chance to also find Epic and Legendary rarity tiers that will unlock more slots and traits.

This will be the best platform for creators of all kinds (from internationally acclaimed professional artists to amateurs and even children) to offer a fun and entertaining way to create and even sell your own NFT collections with full control of the assets, maximum mint number, and pricing level for each different trait.

Since their genesis launch, Flovatar has been constantly releasing new utilities and resources to reward and empower the community. For example, they completed multiple surprise airdrops with Christmas-themed Flobits, and unique composable backgrounds, released a unique meme maker, a WTF is an NFT video, Instagram AR filters, the first ever Treasure Hunt on Flow, created 3D functionality and surprised other members of the community with 3D Models of their Flovatars, released the Dapper Wallet and Lilico Wallet integration, and released a new mobile app on Google Play and iOS. Most recently they sold out their Flobit Season 2 pack sale within 10 minutes.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Flovatar Terrakit Land Pack NFT Roadmap

Series 1

16th Dec. 2021
Genesis Drop

Flovatars have landed on Earth! Go catch a Spark of life and shape your own Flovatar exactly the way YOU want!
23rd Dec. 2021
Holiday pack airdrop

To celebrate the holiday season we airdropped some awesome Flobits to our early Flovatar creators
January 2022
Background airdrop

We introduced a brand new Flobit category and airdropped one to each Flovatar created
February 2022
Revamped website and rebranding

Unveiled a fresh new look to the whole website and created a brand new logo!
March 2022
$DUST tokenomics

Released all the details about how the $DUST token will work and what the numerous utilities will be, including exclusive and brand $DUST-only NFT series.
April 2022
3D Models

All the traits and Flobits have been transformed into a 3D model and can be previewed in the Builder and the details page. 3D-printable high-poly versions are also ready, but waiting to be unlocked by the $DUST token.
May 2022
Meme Maker

To further empower our community in their creative expression we released a custom Flovatar Meme Maker.
August 2022
Flobit S2 Pack Sale

Over 60 brand new animated and interactive Flobits ideated or created by the community members are brought to life.
August 2022
Dapper Wallet

Integrating with the Dapper Wallet will allow us to open the door to many new users and widen our audience to people who aren’t necessarily crypto-natives.
September 2022
Brand collaborations

Expanding our reach and audience even further by partnering with recognized brands to generate value on both fronts.
Q3/Q4 2022
$DUST token mainnet release

Every Flovatar will start to claim their daily $DUST share unlocking the many exclusive utilities available.

Future $DUST Series

Additional Info

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