Flying bee - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Flying bee is a sporadic NFT collection on Solana of about 4444 hand-drawn full-body NFT collectibles of Bee. the main motive of this project is to increase the floor price by community wallet, fbDAO, provide holders royalties and going to be a vast utility in its Gaming Metaverse.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Flying bee NFT Roadmap

Phase 1
Working on initiative of flying bee concept.
Development started on flying bee.
Discord /website / twitter live.
P2e game development started.
Whitelisting open.
Phase 2
Flying bee universe’s official NFT collection’s minting will commence.
15% of the minting fund will directly go into the community wallet (Reserve).
FB NFTs will be launched on all major marketplaces.
NFT staking portal will open right after minting
Phase 3
Community wallet will start buying floor NFTs 15 days after minting, and will sweep the floor every 15 days until fbDAO is created and change the mechanics with a majority of votes.
In starting 4% fees plus 3% of CW’s reserve fund will be used to sweep the floor.
Staking rewards will be transferred in our own currency $FB.
Phase 4
$FBT, a SLP token will be launched, tokenomics will come into play.
Play to earn sneak-peek.
Play to earn first game beta launch.
Phase 5
Start adding games into our universe’s beta version.
$FBT listing on raydium.
A major partnership with gaming giants to bring them on our platform.
Phase 6
fbDAO creation.
Complete version of our flying bee universe will be launched.

Additional Info

NFT’s are the future and we are committed to make it happen with a buzzzlish bang.

market is quite settle now. and any moment we may go from when minting to minting soon term.

so keep your eyes open and keep buzzzZZZzzzing?

Whitelist passes will be given as a reward after winning competitions on Twitter/discord.