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Project Description

The Centaurs are large, confident and active. It’s well-known that their strength is focused on their legs; to defeat them, the opponent needs to injure their legs, but it’s not that easy. They have excellent vision and lightning-fast reflexes and possess extraordinary cognitive abilities. They hold power to escape even the well-planned and executed attacks with the help of their legs. They can run so fast that they could disappear from your sight within a blink, and it’s been their strength throughout the generations. They are then the most responsible and disciplined among all the clans.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Forbidden Verse Foundational Nfts NFT Roadmap

– Minting of foundational NFTs in 4 sales ( 25 in each sale)
– Reveal about Forbidden verse
– Website
– Minting of originals
– First Board game release
– Animation series – will be released on popular ott platforms.
– RPG Gaming

– 1st week of July 2022 – Minting of Clan Leo (1-25 NFTs)
– July 2022- August 2022 – Clan Centaurs’ characters reveal
– 3rd week of September 2022- Minting of Clan Centaurs (26-50 NFTs)

2022 – Q4
– October 2022 to November 2022 – Clan Vanaras characters reveal
– 1st week of December 2022- Minting of Clan Vanaras (51-75 NFTs)
– December 2022 – Revealing the Forth Clan.

2023 – Q1
– January 2023 – Characters reveal from the fourth clan.
– 2nd week of February 2023 – Minting of Fourth Clan (76-100 NFTs)
– 3rd week of March 2023 – Forbidden Verse reveal
– 4th week of March – New road map

Additional Info

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