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Project Description

The Forgotten Skulls are a 3D art collection of 9999 individually rendered masterpieces on the Fantom blockchain. Holding a Forgotten Skull with specific traits will unlock exclusive access within the metaverse as the mysteries of the Forgotten Skulls are unraveled. What are these mysterious skulls and where did they come from? Who discovered them and what secrets does the loot hold? A selection of holders will be entitled to 1/1 drops of a unique new 3D collection which tie in with the skulls and reveal the secrets behind the story. Forgotten Skulls will be integrated into a leading metaverse game and holders of specific traits will be able to access exclusive areas and items. All holders will be able to showcase their Forgotten Skull NFTs in game.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Forgotten Skulls NFT Roadmap

25% Sold

Listings on Artion, Paintswap, x.yxz & more

50% Sold

Random airdrops of Forgotten Skulls to current holders

75% Sold

Holders of specific loot traits airdropped unique 1/1 NFTs

100% Sold

Airdrop of a new 3D collection for all Forgotten Skull holders and integration into a leading metaverse game

Additional Info

The NFTs will be integrated into a leading metaverse game, with users able to showcase their NFT in game and gain exclusive access to certain areas depending on which traits they have. We also believe we have a very unique art style compared to many other projects. We were inspired by Galaxy Eggs 3D art.