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Project Description

Formacar Crypto – future of the global auto economic system that links the Digital and Physical worlds by opening access to automotive goods and services to the worldwide community!

Do You want to join the #1 REAL GAMEFI PROJECT Alpha-version launch? Then try your best to get the Formacar Action Utility NFT Pass!

FCA Utility NFT Pass allows early-bird Players to gain access to the Formacar Action Game. After 5 weeks of active testing, You will receive an airdrop of 233 $FCG tokens that can be sold on DEX-es in Q1 2023!

Formacar Action is a P2E & D2E mobile game, available to download on Android & iOS starting from the 18th of December 2022.

About the Alpha version:

4 drive modes
6 cars to play with
objects tuning and customization
$FCG token rewards for early access
beautiful graphics and a lot of fun

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Formacar Action NFT NFT Roadmap

1Q 2020

Formulate the idea of the FormaCar Metaverse

Shape the idea of a unique large-scale P2E and F2P crypto game
2Q 2020

Hire professional UX/UI design specialists

Hire the best game developers

Start the development of the Formacar Action game
3Q 2020

Hire a team of 20 3D modeling specialists
4Q 2020

Start the development of the Formacar Action app for Play Market and App Store
1Q 2021 – 3Q 2021

Develop and test the first iteration of Formacar Action

Fix initial bugs and make revisions based on exposed flaws
4Q 2021

Start the second stage of Formacar Action development

Test the alpha version of the game
1Q 2022

Prepare for market launch

Fine-tune the app for App Store
2Q 2022

Create the website

Package the Formacar Action project

Create a smart contract for the $FCG utility token
3Q 2022

Active development of the project’s crypto architecture

Seed Round of the $FCG token

Game Concept Presentation: Drive2Earn (D2E)

Development start of a marketing strategy for Formacar Action

Development of an alpha version of Formacar Action
4Q 2022

Design of NFT collections for the alpha version

Creation of smart contracts for NFT collections

Audit of $FCG smart contracts

Launching sales of NFT collections granting access to the alpha version of Formacar Action

Releasing the Formacar Action alpha version for iOS & Android platforms

Conducting Presale rounds through Launchpad and own platform

Conducting an active marketing campaign for Formacar Action
1Q 2023

Implementation of D2E mechanics in Formacar Action

Launch of the Formacar Action beta version on IOS / Android with public access

$FCG DEX listing preparation

Launch of D2E mechanics in the game release
2Q 2023

Release the final production version of the Formacar Action game

Release the D2E mechanics

$FCG token DEX listing

$FCG farming

$FCG stacking

Formacar Autoverse development launch

3Q 2023

Formacar Autoverse items presale

Listing on top 10 exchanges

Final release of the Formacar Autoverse

Additional Info

⚡️INTRODUCING: Formacar Mint Phases

Whitelist (Free Mint): NOV 25 🕐 1:00 PM UTC
Public Sale (0.03 ETH): NOV 25 🕒 3:00 PM UTC

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