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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Freshest Community on the Blockchain

We’re a team of creative thinkers who built this project to change the game.

We are the fresh boyz a collection of 3,333 unique and generative rascals roaming the blockchain.
The fresh boyz have over 400+ traits such as hairstyles, hats, masks, mouths, eyes, accessories, backgrounds and more…

Here at the fresh boyz club we’re intending on building the strongest most diverse group of individuals in the metaverse.

As far as roadmaps goes we intend to under promise and over deliver, there will be lots of exciting plans in store for the sake of our holders. We as a team will go above and beyond to achieve each goal.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Fresh Boyz Club NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

“The Adventure Begins”

We bring the fresh Boyz club to life for our community. To our holders we make a promise to always bring the heat, with our one of a kind artwork created by our talented artist andrawzz32.

With over 400+ traits and accessories, goes without a doubt that the fresh Boyz club will take over the meta verse and be the freshest on the blockchain. Our goal is to deliver and strive on achieving the best experience for our holders, such as exclusive access to new merch, early drops and more….

Phase 2

“Community Building”

Here at the fresh Boyz club, we intend on creating the most diverse community in the meta verse.

With our unique art we promise to provide internal and external diversity to ensure that no one feels left out, a place where one can feel free, a place to simply fit in.

Phase 3

“The Fresh Dao”

Our team at the fresh Boyz club will create a DAO like community so our holders have a say on what goes down, for example voting on specific aspects of the project. Holders will also be able to participate in future airdrops

Phase 4

“FRSH Token/ Staking”

Fresh Boyz holders will have a chance to stake thier NFT to unlock special packs, traits and more. Stakers will also have the opportunity to collect (FRSH) Tokens. With these tokens holders can trade into evolving your fresh Boyz nft into a 1/1 creation such as a 3d voxel character of your very own Fresh Boy NFT.

Additional Info

WL: .08 ETH Public: .12 ETH Mint Date: TBA

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