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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Friends of Patron International (FOPI) is our first collection of 7000 images. That is NFT you are gonna be proud of! We are a team of volunteers who work on mine (and other war leftovers) danger topics in Ukraine. We started with mines danger training in the schools of Bucha district in the heart of Ukraine and would like to scale our activity to the whole country (and potentially globally).
This collection was inspired by children’s drawings and was created between air raid sirens and electricity blackouts. By buying it, you support all our activities in making the world safer. FOPI holders will randomly get airdrops from the next collection.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Friends of Patron International (FOP) NFT Roadmap

Ultimate goal:
Demining The Entire Mined Territory Of Ukraine
Popularize Ukraine over the world
Popularize mines problem over the world

We have ambitious plans! But all depends on the fundraising process and overall situation here.
High level roadmap is below:

– 50% of raised funds will be donated right away to the Ukraine recovery funds.
– 50% will be used to found our own charity foundation and scale our activity to the whole Ukraine.

1 NOVEMBER, 2022
1. Friends of patron initiative started

We officially started handling mine danger trainings in the Bucha district schools.

15 November, 2022
2. Children’s drawing contest

We’ve started that context to make mine danger trainings more interactive. Received 287 drawings in 2 weeks!

1 December, 2022
3. Collections creation start

Inspired by children’s drawing we decided to implement that in the 3 NFT collections.

24 January, 2023
4. International collection drop

Planned day of the first collection drop.

mid February 2023
5. Second collection drop

Exact date TBC

End Feb 2023
6. Discord community

We’d like to start building real community for Friends of Patron

end February 2023
7. Third collection drop

Exact date TBC

March 2023 or 80% first collection sale
8. Charity Foundation registration

That would be the next step in scaling our activities geographically and adding new directions.

Every 2 weeks since the start
9. Donate 50%

Donating 50% to the Ukraine renovation!

Additional Info

Our first collection mint date is 24th of January, 2023, 15:00 UTC (check the countdown on the top of the page)
Next 2 collections mint is planned to mid and end of February 2023 correspondingly. Exact dates will be confirmed soon.

Friends of Patron International collection (FOPI) price:

– Whitelist mint price – 0.063 ETH
– Public mint price – 0.07 ETH

Rules are quite easy – check it here.

Whitelist mint will be open 24h before the public mint.

Reveal will happen in 24h after the public mint.

All details and updates will be published in our twitter