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Project Description

What is Fruit Loops? Fruit Loops is a collection of 5,555 fully animated NFTs.

When can I mint? 01/17/2023 11am EST – Whitelist 5pm EST – Public

Price for mint? The first 1,111 Fruit Loops are free. Public will have 4,444 available at 0.08 ETH.

Who created Fruit Loops? Eduardo Santos (ed.motions) and Robby Cruz Aviles (robbycreates).

How can I get on the FML (Free Mint List)? The FML is a curated list of individuals and communities who provide great insight and value to the NFT ecosystem as a whole. Early followers have also been added to the FML for their continued support. We aim to be a community filled with diverse and creative backgrounds.

What do I get for holding a Fruit Loops NFT? ​​​​​​​ First access to our new adult animated comedy series. Holders will be able to creatively collaborate in season 1 by contributing jokes/punchlines, cameo appearances, voice acting, screenwriting, and much more. Community members will be credited for all their creative contributions. Also, holders will have full I.P rights for their Fruit Loops. More info soon…

When will Season 1 premiere? Episodes will be released as they are completed, and will be publicly available on Youtube and other streaming platforms.

Where can I buy a Fruit Loops NFT? Minting will be available on our website. We’re working on collaborating with certain marketplaces for secondary purchases. Royalties on secondary sales will be set at 5%.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Fruit Loops by ed.motions – Mint NFT Roadmap

no roadmap

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!