Genesis Robots - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

We have asked 5000 of the smartest and coolest robots living on the Ethereum network to help us transform our SaaS platform into a Web3.0 app.

It will be a challenging mission but equipped with some cutting edge utility the Robots are on a mission to bring blockchain automation to all companies!

If they succeed in their mission the Robots will rid the entire world of repetitive and boring tasks so that the humans can focus on what really matters.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Genesis Robots NFT Roadmap

Team Set-Up: We have grown our team with experts that will work with us either as consultants or partners.

Incubation Program: We have been incubated by District 3 to help us validate our value proposition.

NFT Launch: We have prepared an innovative business concept that together with our existing technology and network will bring great value to all users.

First Success Fee Project: we have already secured our first success fee project for the automation of a customer onboarding process. This is a key component of our project and we will be providing a detailed whitepaper in early Q2.

ProcessLenz Blockchain Advisor Alpha: we will be releasing the first version of the Blockchain Advisor to our network of clients.

NFT Sale: we will be using the sale of the NFT to finance additional success fee projects.

Marketplace Beta: We will make ProcessLenz Blockchain Advisor available to all our clients via NFT rented out on a marketplace.

Ability to “stake” the NFT: rent out your NFT and earn passive income.

ProcessLenz rewards in tokens: the success fee rwrods from the first project will start to be distributed amongst the NFT Holders

Public Marketplace: we will promote our marketplace to other companies and new clients

Public Listings: we will list our $PRZL token

Acceleration Program: we will find an Acceleration Program to guide us in the scaling part of this journey!

Additional Info

Advanced Tokenomics & Passive Income The 5000 NFT Holders can expect to make in the range of $40USD – $60USD in monthly passive income. This amount will increase as we complete more success fee projects and as the value of the token increases. If an NFT is rented out on the market place the holder can earn monthly passive income in the range $1.299 – $7.999 USD depending on the number of processes the client will need to analyze.

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