GhostLand Studio - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

“GhostLand Studio is a collection of 226 GhostLand Studio on Solana Collections”

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

GhostLand Studio NFT Roadmap

Phase One
– Creation of a collection of 226 pieces on the solana blockchain.
– Secondary market approval.
– NFT Mint Website Launch.
– Mint.
– Maintaining the price on the secondary market and holding promotions.
– Starting an nft game development.

Phase Two
– Distribute the time period for the following collections to maintain balance and price.
– Creation a whitelist and privileges for it.
– Creation a staking platform.
– Earn passive income from the token $GHOST.
– Creation a second wave of 226 NFTS.
– Mint.

Phase Three
– Release of three more collections for a total of 226 NFTS.
– Game Beta for holders.
– Creation of p2e game where purchased NFTS will be used.
– Creation of the $GHOST token as a game currency.
– Game public launch.

Additional Info

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