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Project Description

Glam Ape Ladies
NFT branding is owned and directed by the holders. We are creating a trade mark registered in the UK for selling customized products of our NFT. The holders will own it and direct it through a DAO.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Glam Ape Ladies NFT Roadmap

Building a community

Glam Ape Ladies” aims to build a strong and safe space for the holders to enjoy. Not only as investors, but by sharing knowledge and respect for the members as a team. Together we can change the world.
Collaboration & Partnership

GALS will be searching for potential marketing partnerships and collaborations with promising projects.
Affiliate marketing

A form of business in which a person promotes our products and sales. Thereby getting paid if someone buys the item as result of their advertising. We will be looking for an affiliate on every platform including social media sites/apps, blogs, etc. Payment will be negotiated, including commision and rewards.
Social media Promotion

The use of social media in promoting the project through all available platforms. The community aims to connect with people around the world . Active members will be given a chance to get GALs listed for FREE mint.
Whitelist Giveaway

1000 whitelist spots available for community members and giveaways. Those that have a WL spot will have 1 week to mint before public launch.
Public Mint

Public launch will be at 09th of October (subject to delays).

Every 100 NFTs sold, 0.1 ETH will be given to a random holder until we sell out. It will be streamed to show the results via a RNG website.
Rarity tool & DAO

Once all supply has sold out, a rarity tool will become accessible. DAO will be created, working on where to invest the royalities.

A BabyGlam NFT will be airdropped to every GALs holder with 5+ GALs.

Team is already creating physical merchandise such as T-shirts, Caps, Stickers, Hoodies, and Mugs. These will be earned via giveaways and/or sold online on our webside/Discord.

Real Life events and meetings planned to be done 1 time per year to discuss the future and progress of our project.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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