HC Hogz - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

A digital art & gaming project of 9,666 unique, 3D-rendered NFTs, with a vision to build a web3 integrated gaming & metaverse sin city style ecosystem. HC’s are building a movement that will take the physical and metaverse by storm.

-Fight your HC Hogz NFT against other factions in a P2E game, and battle to bring your faction to rule Hellz City.
-Get real-life returns from the Treasury fund 5%
-Fully doxxed team
-Backed by Hostile Crypto Inc.
-Investor-backed by Dan Neilson
-Partnered with Luminous 4D, Co-Labs Studio, Duco Media & -Technology Solutions

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

HC Hogz NFT Roadmap

Phase one

– Congregation of the Hogz: HC Hogz from far and wide are meeting at the official headquarters, don’t miss the initiation of our Hogz during the launch of our website
– Follow us on social media and discord, and don’t miss the announcement of our pre-mint and mint dates.
– Appreciation of the Hogz: During the congregate of the Hogz, we will be hosting a series of contests and giveaway campaigns to our community.
– Hogz Art Show: We’re boasting about our epic artwork, levels above Apes, Hippos, and Cats. You’ll see why at our virtual art show. Stay tuned for the date drop in our Discord and Social Channels.
– Hogz are set free: White list of 2750 Hogz NFTs via Pre-mint.

Phase TWO

– The resurgence of the Hogz: 6666 NFTs available for purchase on Opensea by October 2022.
– Wanna get patched in? Do you have what it takes to sit at the Council of the Hogz? Get your vest and complete the missions to earn your stripes and become a big Hog shot caller.
– Those who successfully complete these missions will be part of the exclusive “Council of Hogz” who will be able to give ideas on key decision points.
– Hogz Fight: Once the population of Hogz reaches 6666, all hell breaks loose. development of the HC Hogz beta version will begin, Hog on hog violence, where holders will fight and gain respect in points.
– Go snout to snout with other Hogz and find out who the baddest MF Hog is. Gaining respect will give you perks in the clubhouse and community.
– Hostile Takeover! Hogz are purchasing real estate in the metaverse to develop virtual land and make a place for Hogz to unite
– Hogz Clubhouse: No tribe is complete without a club house. The badass digital clubhouse will be the hang out and entertainment for all tribes of Hogz.


– Once the population of Hogz reaches fulfillment. The full version of the Hogz of War game development will begin, with benefits that only NFT holders have. Squad up with your Hog friends and battle other Hog clans, until you’re the last squad standing.
– Ape Roast: Community events to celebrate
– NFT holders will be first in line for our upcoming projects. Stay tuned!

Additional Info

Presale: 0.19 ETH 2PM EST | Public: 0.29 ETH 7PM EST

So…who still needs a whitelist? It’s not too late to join our pre-mint list 👀

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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